Karyn’s Bathtub

Posted: December 10, 2013 in Craigslist Treasures

So here we have a rare cast iron tub that has a pedestal instead of the normal claw feet. Anna spotted this around to corner from our house in TN sitting on the front porch of a vacant house. No telling just how long it sat on the porch but it was several years. Anna met the old gentleman who owned the house and asked if he would sell it and sure enough money talks. She scored it for $60 whoever we had to haul it ourselves… Its almost 6′ long and with a base vs feet! We had to pick it up and move it a foot at a time. We got it though!

Here it is sitting on our porch. Funny thing was the day we got it and put it on the porch a neighbor from down the street stopped and asked if it was for sale. Not today…


Flipped upside down you can the the base attaches the same way claw feet do so you could take this base off and mount feet but we like the fact that its a little different.


Karsyn working hard on her tub. It


Karly gave up so Anna had to finish… The inside was very dirty from sitting outside for so long. I had the pleasure of cleaning it.


Overall it’s in decent shape. There are some nicks in the bottom and the porcelain is worn away from the faucet but it will work as is.


Here it is after a couple coats of paint on the base courtesy of Anna and her cousin Jenny. Looks good for $60


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